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A referral from another trainer - "Geri" from Long Island - "Cathy will be an excellent choice to help you in the training of your dog. She worked side by side with me in group training classes on Long Island, and I have to say that she worked in very positive ways. She has an innate 'feeling' for Dogs. She understands them. They, in turn, like her and will usually do anything to please her. She is patient, observant and is not afraid to try different things when one way of doing something does not work. She also has the ability to transfer how things should be done so that you will be successful in working with your dog when you are both finally on your own!"

(2015/2016 - from Dutchess County, NY)
Dear Cathy:
Omi, Keiko and of course Terry and I want to thank you for the invaluable skills and confidence you have enabled us to acquire.  We are now capable of incorporating these skills into our daily routines.  With your tutelage and expertise our dogs are well mannered and obedient canine citizens.  And we are responsible and knowledgeable pet parents.
Through your guidance we have learned to effectively use verbal and hand commands; to use treats as rewards; and to effectively use a kennel, collars, leashes and barriers.  All have served us well both inside and outside of our house; and whether or not we are around other people and/or animals.
Your continuous availability, adept encouragement and successful positive training techniques have made it possible for our pets and us to be more focused, more self-assured and less stressed.
Again, thank you. Sincerely, Omi, Keiko, Ken and Terry (2015/2016 - from Dutchess County, NY)

April (2015/2016 - from Dutchess County, NY, on Facebook)
From the end of our first class we knew we had made the right choice, Cathy. Every week we were excited to see the new techniques and commands we were going to learn to help our "Vito" get to the next step in his training.  Her support, tools and encouragement put us on the right track.  We were so upset to see the class come to an end that we had to sign up for another.  Even when the second class came to an end we knew Cathy would always be there for us if we had questions.  We would call or email and she quickly responded.  Our puppy's success has come from the best trainer, Cathy!

(2015/2016 - Orange County, NY)
As we all know bringing home a new puppy to the family is always an exciting event, especially when you have little children.  Everything that puppy does is fun and exciting.  However, it's not long before the novelty of bringing home your new found friend runs it course and you are now faced with the daunting task of raising an obedient and well-mannered dog.
I have known Cathy Munnier for over three years now, first as a dog trainer and now as a valued and trusted friend.  Cathy shared with me her sound knowledge and expertise of understanding the Canine world in order for me to effectively raise a dog that would not only bring joy to my family, but would also be appreciated by others.  When Cathy started working with our dog we were able to see results from day one.  As a result of Cathy's commitment to what she does as a dog trainer I acquired the necessary knowledge and resources to effectively train Gavyn, my 85lb. Golden Doodle to obtain the coveted level of Certified Therapy Dog.
As individuals we appreciate our dogs, however everyone appreciates a well-trained dog.  Over the past three years I have referred countless amounts of people to Cathy in order to help them gain a higher level of appreciation for their new family member.  There is not a "one size fits all" solution to effectively training a dog.  If you are considering a dog or have a dog and want to learn how to properly train, outside of what is published in books or what is seen on television from celebrity dog trainers,  I encourage you to contact Cathy Munnier.  Cathy will take the time to help you easily understand and implement what is necessary in order to raise a well-trained dog and understand what responsible dog ownership really looks like.  With just a little investment of time and commitment Cathy's proven hands on and individual approach makes dog training fun, easy, exciting and rewarding.  Your first step was getting a dog, your next step is contacting Cathy Munnier.
Best regards, Dave Olsen (2015/2016 - Orange County, NY)

From Sandra, Roger and Cosmo from Wappinger Falls: "We appreciate your dedication and wholehearted interest you exhibit in your training classes. Cosmo is a stubborn little guy - my rottweiler was easier to work with (years ago).
We learned a great deal and had fun too! Many thanks!"

From Dotty & Jazz in Newburgh: "Just a small token to thank you for your patience and sharing your expertise with us. We really enjoyed your class!"

From Bailey the Wheaton in Hopewell Junction - "the little Wheaton that tries her best": "Thanks for all your helpful advice and patience!"

From Gloria of Beacon: Jackson is doing phenomenal with me, we work with the leash and he is right on point. Jackson (the dachshund) is also doing the "Down" for Fred on the first request, quickly, on any surface without Fred bending down. Thank you soooo much again, I don't know what we would would do without you!"

From Linda, Denise & Monty: "We really got a lot out of your puppy training class! Monty really enjoyed seeing Skye every week & misses her now! He sends hugs and kisses!"

From Susan, Joan & Peaches of Rock Tavern: "Cathy, you are undeniably an astounding mentor! Peaches and I would have never accomplished any of the achievements without your guidance and concern.

Peaches being a rescue dog with an unknown history, needed you, to help me perceive and better understand her special requirements in training with extra care in motivating her progress with patience. Teaching with your keen eye, devotion and precision has guided us through this process in order to continue her mission. Learning and practicing basic obedience was not only essential,but, an intricate part in the growth of our bonding in sharing undivided love and affection.

Your job was truly instrumental in playing the crucial leading role in showing proper interaction which has given our precious Peaches her 2nd chance and the beginnings for a new leash on life... to WALK WITH PRIDE!

It has been our privilege working with you and SKYE too! Thank you."

From Laura, Ty and Mojo of Newburgh: "From the time I talked to Cathy on the phone, I knew we had found someone who truly cares about dogs and their owners. Based on a plea for help in an email, Cathy reached out and took the time out of her busy schedule to discuss an issue we were having with our recent rescue, with no thought of her time or financial gain. We quickly signed up for her puppy class and found a warm,caring person who continually shows her commitment to dogs and their owners. She mixes the basics of obedience with fun and a lot of love and attention which creates more confident attentive young dogs! We were given an introductory lesson and homework each week to follow through on. Cathy made herself available after each class and by phone if you had any questions or issues. For our last class, Cathy surprised us with diplomas, treats (both puppy and human), and a dog toy of choice, balloons and a promise that these puppies were her pupils for life. it is so rare to see such commitment or customer service these days. Cathy is truly a gem and we would recommend her to anyone who has a puppy. Our Mojo completely surpassed our expectations from this class! Thanks a million Cathy! And thanks to Carol and Skye too!"



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